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For the pet you love to live with

Doggy Day Care

Our daycare is now open Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays!

Does your furry family member need friends?

Daycare is a great way to make sure your pet gets the affection, attention, and exercise that he/she needs during the day. All our daycare dogs are required to have manners with our staff and no jumping is allowed.

We also work on gate manners, door manners and basic play etiquette. This way we are helping to reinforce good behaviors.

Excessive barking is a no-no in our group although we do allow your pup to have a voice. Our daycare is a great opportunity to socialize your pet and teach them how to behave around others.

Training Daycare

Along with playtime your pup gets the opportunity to work on its place command for 30 minutes throughout the day. Enjoy a walk in the local park, at the beach nearby or around our beautiful property. We work on loose leash walking, heel, sit, down, stay, come and go out commands plus anything else you would like to work on.

Daycare Prices

* All Daycare packages are non-refundable and expire one year from the purchase date.
* Reservations required. We have require a 24 hour cancellation for daycare stays. Stays not canceled within 24 hrs of the stay are subject to regular charge for reserved stay.
* Below applies per dog

  • $70.00 per day for training and play
  • $340.00 5 day card for training and play
  • $630.00 10 day card training and play